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United States
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Heyo! I'm Sketch, but I've been called Sketcher, Cubes, Doodle, and Small as well. I'm a huge fan of Pokemon and MCSM mainly, but i do draw things from other fandoms. I'm currently a junior in high school, and I'm looking into studying Physics with an Astronomy emphasis, and Geology, though that's quickly faltering back into being a teacher.

I have a tumblr(several of them, actually), youtube, smackjeeves,, and, finally, a Colors!3D account, so you can find me everywhere!

tinysketchii - main
doodlingcubes - mcsm
smallsketcher - art
therabiteevee - eevee ask blog(hiatus)
olivia-the-inventor - olivia ask blog(co-run with a friend)
toomanyjs - jesse ask blog
cube-shenanigans - mcsm comic blog
cubicgems - mcsm su au ask blog

Youtube: tinysketchii

smackjeeves: skylatheeevee14(shitty url ik)

fanfiction: smallsketcher

colors!3d: smallsketcher(inactive)
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Happy birthday :D
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Which is your favorite onesie?
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Thank you for liking my art!
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